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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Easy Recipe of Home made Paneer | Cottage Cheese | Chhena |

How to prepare Paneer |Cottage Cheese | Chhena

Sharing very easy and simple recipe of very soft home made paneer, Indian cheese| Cottage cheese | Chhena

Homemade Curd!

Whenever my friend visits my place, she always gets surprised as how we make best curd like we get from shops. 

Curd is available in our place 356 days that is (24*7), and I guess the main reason, we can able to make very good curd as the saying goes "Practice makes the man Prefect", so that applies to me too and credit goes to mom too, as I learnt this from my mom. 

Making curd is not rocket science, but when you follow some do's and don’t, you can able to make best quality curd. 

◾Curd thick texture mainly depend on fat content in the milk, I had prepared curd from skimmed milk as well as creamy buffalo's milk, I can able to see the difference between the two and main reason is fat and water content in the milk. 

◾Second thing is Temperature of milk when adding curd spoon for making curd. 

◾The milk should be Luke warm and you should feel the temperature with your finger it should not be very warm and nor cold or room temperature. 

◾If milk is very warm, it will never give you good curd. And same applies to normal or cold milk. 

◾Third important thing is adding curd in the milk for making, you should break the curd with fingers and then add, and quantity of adding curd for making, changes from season to season (seriously), yes if I am making curd in winter, I normally add little more quantity to make prefect curd, where as in summer season, adding one tbsp is sufficient. 

◾Fourth thing is container which you use for making curd, glass and heavy steel bottom are best for making curd. 

How to make home made curd


◾1000 ml Milk (Lukewarm)
◾ 1 tbsp Curd 


◾Mix Curd and milk and then shake from one container to other, do this process of mixing from one container to another three to four time. Sorry for not posting image of this process, as both hands engaged in this process..

◾Cover the lid and let it set for 5-6 hours, don't touch or check in between, keep it in safe place, where you don't require to keep moving, and when it is set, put it in refrigerator, as keeping in fridge for 3-4 hours and this actually make the curd firm and thick.



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