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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kharwas | Cheek Indian Sweet Steamed Milk Pudding | (Colostrum Pudding)

How to prepare Colostrum Pudding | Kharwas Milk Pudding | Cheek | Pis | Junnu | Posu | Kalvdans | Ginnu | Bari | Seempaal | Aguz 

Colostrum milk also known as Bovine Colostrum is first milk produced by cow who have just calved. This milk is very healthy and nutritious and loaded with antibodies and vitamins.

The thick milk produced on the first three days is used for making this dessert. Colostrum milk is thick, sticky, creamy and yellowish in color. In this recipe we need only four ingredients that is Colostrum milk, sugar, green cardamom and milk (which is optional and depends mainly on which day milk you are using for making this pudding). As I am preparing colostrum pudding from first day milk, which is very thick, that's the reason milk is added. 

Colostrum milk helps the body to stay warm and good for immune system. Adding green cardamom works best as it helps better digestion. 


◾1 ltr - colostrum milk
(Bovine Colostrum milk) 
◾100 ml Milk (Optional)
◾200- 250 gms Sugar Powdered
◾5-6 Green cardamom (roasted)

From  1ltr milk - (serves 8-10)

◾Cooking Time For Steam 30-35 min
◾Preparation time 5-10 minutes


Step 1: Roast cardamom and grind sugar and cardamom together

◾Sugar and green cardamom we can grind them together and make them powdered. (Roast cardamom before grinding)

Step 2 : Mix colostrum milk and sugar 

◾Add powdered sugar in colostrum milk, keep stirring till dissolved fully, in this add milk (If you are using first day milk, then milk or water needs to be added as else it turn out very hard and rubbery). If using second or third day milk, then milk is not required.

Step 3 : Steam Time

◾Pour into a deep dish or silicone mold and steam for 30-35 minutes till well set.

(If steam work is done on gas stove it will take 30-35 minutes, in rice cooker it takes 35-40 minutes).

Best way to check - ◾when colostrum milk is properly steamed, you will see water starts floating on the surface)

Step 4: cool down and refrigerate for 20-25 minutes

◾Allow it to cool down to room temperature and then place it in the refrigerator to chill.

◾Un-mold in a serving dish and cut into desired shape. Serve cold as a Dessert.


  1. Wow! This milk pudding looks so good Deepa! Beautifully crafted and presented pudding! I have never made this pudding before, will have to try this! :)

  2. Thank you so much Anu. Glad you liked it, and I am very sure you will going to enjoy this. This is very light, yummy and healthy dessert.

  3. Hi. I tried your recipe today. However I have noted that almost all the recipes online have used a 1:1 ratio of day one colostrum and regular milk. With the proportion you mentioned the cheek turned out firmer than usually available in stores. Your pictures looked good so I went with your recipe. However the proportion probably needs to be changed. Thanks for the post though!!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thank you so much friend for this valuable feedback. I appreciate and respect your views.

      You know this is one of the most favorite pudding in our house and every season I make 30-35 rounds of this pudding.

      I feel going with 1:1 will not give desired results. As the main reason is purity of milk is not guaranteed and more so I always get milk of above consistency.

      May be going with this proportion give you good result if you'll get first day milk of very thick consistency so for 1000ml add 200 -250 ml normal milk....

      1:1 will make it very soft and probably without firm shape and it will also affect taste of this pudding. ..

    2. You are right Veg Indian Cooking. I think it's purely depend on the consistrncy of milk received. And I guess it may not be very same in all the places.



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