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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sindhi Kadhi ( Mixed Vegetables cooked in Gram Flour)

How to prepare Sindhi Kadhi | Authentic Sindhi Kadhi Recipe | Mixed Vegetables cooked in Nicely Roasted Gram flour 

Sindhi Kadhi is a very popular, delicious, nutritious and excellent amalgamation of roasted gram flour, tomatoes and mixed vegetables. This Kadhi needs tomatoes in good quantity. Along with tomatoes, small quantity of tamarind pulp is also added. It will give you a bland taste if tomatoes or tamarind pulp is not added in sufficient quantity. This is mainly served with steamed rice, sweet bondi and double fried potatoes. Sharing authentic recipe of Sindhi Kadhi with a stepwise pictorial guide...

Friday, July 05, 2013

Lotus Root (Stem) Ki Sabzi..

How to make Kamal kakdi ki sabzi / {Lotus rooti ki sabzi }

Lotus stem also known as Lotus root, Kamal Kakdi, Bhea. Crunchy, delicate flavored lotus root is an under-water edible rhizome of lotus plant.


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