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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Aloo Fry

This is one of the most fast and tasty food my mom make and with perfection and no one can beat my mom or can able to make or reach close to her recipe, the way she makes. I consider myself good cook, but when comes to this recipe, I simply give up.

It depends on cutting of potatoes and time to fry. When i started preparing this fry potatoes, normally most of time turn out very hard (without moisture) and dry, but mom's prepared always well cooked and not that dry, but crispy and tasty. My problem was i use to always fry potatoes for longer time and that take away the moisture and make potatoes very dry, plus we need to add potatoes when oil is good hot and not very hot and this judgment is most important in this potato recipe.

If you add in very very hot, it makes them dry and that step flop this recipe. 

If you add when oil is not hot, then potatoes stick to bottom and make them soggy and will break and don't come in same shape.


Potatoes 350-400 gms (7-8 medium size potatoes, cut into cubes)
Refined oil for frying 250-300 ml

Dry Ingredients
Coriander Powder (coarsely grinder)    5tsp
Red chilly Powder   4tsp
Turmeric Powder  2tsp
Dry Mango Powder  1tsp (optional) 
(You can also add chat Masala powder or Amchur powder (Dry Mango Powder), if you enjoy tangy flavor) 
Salt to taste

Remove from water, and keep in colander or spread on cloth as purpose is remove complete water from potatoes.


Heat oil in frying pan, when oil is medium hot add potatoes.
Cook on high flame for 7-8 minutes stirring continuously.

 After 7-8 minutes, when potatoes gets cooked, strain excess oil with help of strainer.
Now in this add dry ingredients and mix well. If you see below image, you get the idea as here we are using coarsely grinder coriander powder.

Now mix well, cover the lid and cook for one minute on slow flame

This fry is best served hot with puri or roti, it also goes well with dal rice.     

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