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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Masala Oats with Paneer and vegetables

How to Prepare Oats Veg Paneer Masala | Easy Indian Oats Recipe | Super Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipe of Masala Oats with Paneer and vegetables

Masala Oats with Paneer and Veggies is the perfect way to start your day off right. Oats are one of the healthiest and highly recommended breakfast food. Oats are packed with omega - 3 fatty acids, magnesium, protein, potassium, and dietary fiber which is very good for digestion, leave you feeling full and very good food for healthy life style. For me cooking is all about creating something new, make it very simple, tasty, healthy and prepare as per the need of the person who is going to have it. 

My mom started enjoying this recipe, and just to make it more healthy, nutritious and tasty, I have started adding ingredients to enhance its taste and appearance. My recipe of Quaker Home style Masala oats is an excellent combination of veggies, paneer and oats. You can add vegetables as per your preference.

✏ Recipe details:

  • Cooking Time 5-7 minutes
  • Serving : 1

✒ Ingredients Required: 

✔28g Quaker Home style Masala (one pack)
✔25g Home made paneer cut into small cubes
✔1tbsp frozen peas
✔1 no. carrot cut into very fine cubes
✔2-3 green chilly (optional)
✔Salt - as per taste, pinch
✔10 g Butter or ghee

Step by step method of preparing Super Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipe of Masala Oats with Paneer and vegetables

◾Boil vegetables in sufficient water, add pinch of salt, butter, paneer, cook on high fire for 3-5 minutes.

◾Now add Quaker oats masala pack.

◾Mix well, keep stirring and cook on high fire for 3-4 minutes, till water is evaporated and oats gets fully cooked.

◾Serve hot.


  1. Super easy yaar. I can give it a go tomorrow for breakfast as i have oats now in pantry. You made my job easy was thinking of what to make for breakfast

    1. Thank you soooo much dear Smitha. Try adding 1 tbsp schezwan sauce in the above preparation.. I'm very sure you'll love that... trust me it tastes awesome..



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