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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Herbs Cheese Sandwich..

This is one of the most simple and easy sandwich to make and it doesn't take much time to cook.

This Herbs Cheese Sandwich recipe is invented  by my brother, and accordingly to him its taste like mini pizza and you can make it very quick.

The herbs in above image that is Basil, oregano, paprika and Pizza Seasoning is easily picked up from super markets.

Along with herbs, i have used butter, plain cheese slice and wheat bread.

1. Wheat Bread 
2. Butter
3. Cheese Slice
4. Herbs (I have provided all the options, but you can make sandwich with basil, oregano and paprika or paprika and Pizza Seasoning.

Pizza seasoning is mainly combination of different herbs.

 1. Take bread slice spread butter and keep cheese slice on top of it.
 2. Now its time to sprinkle the herbs on this bread slice.
(Add as per your taste)

3. After that, take another bread slice, spread butter and cover sprinkle herbs cheese slice with this slice.

4. Now Apply very little butter on top of slice and roast both sides on non stick (or normal tava) on cooking gas stove for 2-3 minutes till light golden color.
You can make this on sandwich maker (if that is handy to you), but as my kitchen is very compact, i prefer on cooking gas stove.

5. Now this is very interesting, the image you see now, as how i make on cooking gas stove. (ha ha)

6. Roast both the sides, your Herbs cheese sandwich is ready to serve.
You don't need any accompaniments with this, as it is very tasty and delicious and have it plain and enjoy the flavor of  herbs and cheese.

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