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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Til Gud Laddus (Sesame Seeds & Jaggery Balls)

Til Gud Laddus are the Winter Charms. Nature has its own way of keeping the body warm. But there are certain food that are best consumed in the winter. Til (sesame seeds) and gud (Jaggery) are one of them. 

In Ayurveda til and gud together considered to be a great medicine. Sesame seeds are rich in protein and excellent source of iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2 and B6. 

Til gud Laddu is very famous recipe which is traditionally prepared in India during Makara Sankranti.

This was my second attempt. First round of til gud laddu got finished very early, though they tasted awesome and every one appreciated, but the appearance of laddu was not very pleasing as just to make the peanuts very crispy, it got burnt.

In this second round taken all care, and it looks better compare to first attempt.

Posting complete recipe of til gud laddu - step by step recipe along with images.

For making Til gud laddu we require following ingredients

(This is for making 65-75 medium size laddu)

◾500 grams Chikki Gud
◾500 grams Til
◾200 grams peanuts

◾150 grams Chana Dal

◾200 gms Desiccated or Dry Coconut

◾50 grams Poppy Seeds (optional)

◾10-12 number Green Cardamom

◾1tbsp Ghee


Step 1 : Dry Roasting

◾Five items needs dry roasting (separately, one by one)

1. Til (Sesame Seeds)
2. Raw Peanuts 
3. Chana dal
4. Dry or desiccated coconut 
5. Green cardamom

(You can dry roast in any order, their is not hard and fast rule to roast them as specified in this recipe) My order of dry roasting is as follows

(For safer side, do all roasting on medium to slow flame to avoid getting burnt.)

I: Dry Roasting of chana dal 

◾Dry roast the chana dal on medium heat for four to five minutes and allow it to cool. Keep aside 

II: Dry Roasting of Til

◾Take a heavy bottom pan and roast the sesame seeds at medium or slow flame. Keep mixing well or shake the fry pan occasionally to avoid getting burnt. Do this till they are a very pale golden color and aromatic, remove and keep aside

This process of sesame seeds roasting is done between 3-5 minutes, Roasting sesame seeds does not take long, and roasting on high heat can burn them. Never roast sesame seeds at high flame, as high temperature result in turning sesame seeds bitter in taste (rancid), and after roasting is done, transfer to other container immediately.

III: Dry Roast Desiccated Coconut.

◾Take a pan, roast grated dry coconut or desiccated cononut for 4-5 minutes on slow flame and keep it aside.

IV: Dry Roast Raw Peanuts

◾Dry roast the peanuts until very light brown in color and allow it to cool. Remove the skin and keep it aside. (Take 8-10 minutes)

How to remove skin
◾If you are taking raw peanuts, then roasting needs to done for 8-10 Minutes on medium heat as after that skin can be easily removed.

◾After the peanuts had cool down or warm enough to handle, gently remove the skins by rolling the nuts between your hands or rub the red skin between your fingers to detach it from the peanut or squeeze the shell of an peanut between your fingers to crack it. Pour the peanuts in a colander to drain them or shake in the tray and remove the skin or softly blow it.

V: Dry Roast green cardamom

◾Dry roast the green cardamom until very light brown in color and allow it to cool. Keep aside.

Step 2: Grinding

◾Take cardamom in that add 1tsp of chana dal and grind to fine paste. Adding chana dal in cardamom helps to make it very fine.

◾Coarsely grind chana dal in mixer grinder for 5-6 seconds or crush them with help of pestle or crush them in mortar and pestle.

◾Coarsely grind peanuts in mixer grinder for 5-6 seconds or crush them with help of pestle or crush them in mortar and pestle. 

3. Mixing
◾Take first roasted til, in that add cardamom and chana dal fine powder, chana dal, crushed peanuts and roasted dry coconut. mix all well and keep aside.

4. Cooking Time
◾Take chikki gud (jaggery) in a pan and start melting it.

◾When its gets melted completely, make the gas flame slow, don't cook for long or high heat as that will result in hard laddu. If you are looking for softer laddu, after it gets melted, switch off the gas and then do the mixing work.

Simple rule: cooking gud (jaggery) for longer period and high flame will make the laddu very hard to eat.

How to check whether gud is cooked

◾In order to check whether the heating is done, take water in a cup and put drop of jaggery in it. Allow it to cool. If it forms a soft ball, then it is ready for laddus. 

◾Now add 1 tbsp of ghee to the mixture and keep stirring the same, and in that add above mixed ingredients that is roasted sesame, peanuts crush, grated and roasted coconut, chana dal, cardamom powder and mix well.

◾This process of mixing is little painful, as need your good efforts to mix all together. 

◾I had done above work after switching off gas stove, as was planning soft laddu, but if mixing gets difficult, switch on the gas stove on slow flame and do the mixing work.

◾Now mixture is ready to roll in laddu shape.

5.Time to roll 

◾(Don't shift mixture in any other utensil, keep that in the very same pan, as if needed, we may reheat the above laddu mixture, if that cools down and difficult to roll)

◾The mixture is extremely hot. So rub some ghee to the palm of your hands. Grease your palms and when the mixture is still hot (but cool enough to handle)

◾With help of two spoons divide the mixture in small portion in plate or take enough in your hand to form a (golf) ball-sized lump. Roll between your palms till smooth, roll them to make laddu. Repeat till all the mixture is finished completely. 

◾You will also observe when mixture gets cool down, it becomes difficult to roll or to give round shape, don't worry, this is normal, in this case, slightly reheat, so that you can able to give shape)

◾The laddus will soon harden to candy-like texture.

◾If for this process, you would get help from any other family member, the process of laddu becomes  fast and easy, like mom helped me a lot, as she was giving me small small portions of that mixture with help of two spoons, and I was giving round shape to them. (This process will take 25-30 minutes).

◾Your laddus are ready for servings.

Store for up to 10-15 days in an air-tight container. 

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