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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Whole Green Moong Daal..

The moong or Green Mung Bean also known as mung, moong dal, mungo, mungbean, green gram or golden gram. The word mung derives from the Tamil word mūngu and Sanskrit word mudga.

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Green Mung Beans, I would better call it as nutritional powerhouse is a wonder and super food and is not only good source of protein but high in dietary fibre, low in saturated fat, low in sodium, and rich in B complex vitamins. They contain many nutrients such as folic acid, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus. Sprouted green mung beans is considered as one of  excellent source of vitamin C.

Green Mung beans not only help you to lose weight, but it also improves metabolism and very good for your cardiovascular health.

For making Whole Green Moong Daal, we require following ingredients:

✒ Whole Green Mung Beans
One cup (app 150 -200 gms)

2 medium size

✒ Green Chillies
2 or as per taste

✒ Ginger
Small piece roughly chopped

Curry Leaves
✒ 7-8 Leaves

✒Coriander leaves
3-4 leaflets 

◾Dry Ingredients
✒Turmeric Powder - 1tsp
✒Red chilly Powder - 1tsp
✒Salt to taste

◾Refined oil
✒For cooking 1tsp
✒ For Tempering 2tsp

For Tampering
✒ Garlic - 7-8 cloves
✒ Refined oil 2tsp


Step1: Soaking

Wash the moong 2 - 3 times in water. Cover them in water with 2cm (1 inch) of excess water and soak overnight, or for about 4 -5 hours. When ready, place the soaked mung beans in a colander or sieve, drain the water out and rinse the beans in running fresh tap water over them to wash off any dirt.

Step 2 : Chopping

✔Roughly chop tomatoes.
✔Peel and chop ginger
✔Peel and chop garlic and keep aside for tempering
✔Wash green chillies and curry leaves.

Cooking will be done in pressure cooker.

Step 3: 
Pressure Cooking

Pressure cook the moong beans in 500 ml water (approx 3 cups) with 1tsp refined oil, chopped tomatoes, curry leaves, green chilly, ginger and salt for 5-6 whistles. Reduce the heat after 5th whistle and cook for 3-4 minute on slow flame. Switch off the heat. Allow the cooker to cool naturally.

Once the steam escapes, open pressure cooker, check the consistency. If the moong is still uncooked then add some more water and pressure cook for 1 -2 whistles.

Allow the cooker to cool naturally. Now open the pressure cooker lid, if looks cooked then add turmeric powder, red chilly powder and then mash moong with help of masher and make it smooth consistency, adjust consistency as per your taste and preference, if you will going to eat with rice then add 1 cup water,  else keep it as it is.

Step 4: Bring it to boil

After adding one cup of water, add finely chopped coriander leaves, and bring it to boil, simmer for a 1-2 minutes and then switch off the gas.

Step 5: Tempering

Temper with finely chopped garlic, and 1/2 tsp red chilly powder. (You can temper with mustard seeds, cumin seeds and asafoetida , as per your taste, but we enjoy tempering with garlic.)

Enjoy this Moong Daal with rice or chapati. In our house it is served with hot steamed rice.

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