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Monday, October 06, 2014

Sindhi Dal Pakwan Recipe

How to prepare Sindhi Dal Pakwan | Sindhi Breakfast - Dal Pakwan | Scrumptious Sunday Brunch Menu in Sindhi Houses

Dal Pakwan is very popular and scrumptious sunday brunch delicacy in sindhi homes. Dal Pakwan is the perfect combination of dal and pakwan.

Dal means - channa dal which is thick, creamy, spicy and flavored with cumin seeds, green chilies 
and served with pakwan, green chutney, tamarind chutney and finely chopped onion. Pakwan is like a crispy puri made from refined flour.

Let's begin with a Sindhi Dal Pakwan recipe
Plan of action will be

1. Soaking of Channa dal
2. Knead the dough gently and allow to rest
3. Prepare dal for pakwan
4. Prepare green  and imli chutney
5. Roll and fry pakwan
6.Garnish and serve immediately


  • Category: Vegetarian
  • Course: Breakfast/Brunch
  • Cuisine: Indian (sindhi)
  • Technique: Pressure Cooking, Frying,
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Serving: 5-6
  • Channa Dal Soaking Time : 4-5 hours
  • Preparation Time: 20-25 minutes 
  • Cooking Time: 40-45 minutes

☑ Ingredients required for Dal

  • 300g channa dal 
  • 4-5 green chillies (or as per taste)
  • 4-5 curry leaves
  • 1tsp cumin seeds
  • ⅓tsp Hing (Asafoetida)
  • 1tsp turmeric
  • Salt to taste

☑ Ingredients required For Pakwan making

  • 200g wheat flour
  • 50 grams refined flour
  • Or 250 grams refined flour which ever combination suits you.. Wheat flour pakwan are light and easy to digest , so i normally go with wheatflour and maida combination for my pakwan..
  • 1tbsp butter or cooking oil 
  • 1tsp cumin seeds
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 cup chilled water 
  • 200ml cooking oil for frying

Step by step process with images - as how to make dal pakwan:

1. Soaking of Channa Dal

✒Wash and soak chana dal for at least 4-5 hours in 3 cups of water.

2. Knead dough for pakwan

✒ Make dough like for Puri. To make pakwan sift refined flour, now mix flour, cumin seeds, butter or cooking oil and salt, add cold water and knead to a stiff dough. Keep closed under a wet cloth and then refrigerate the dough for 30-45 minutes. 

3. Prepare channa dal for pakwan

✒ Heat oil, add the cumin seeds in oil, let them splutter.

✒ Add the curry leaves, asafoetida, green chilies and fry for a minute until heated through. 

✒ Add channa dal, saute for a min or two. Add turmeric and salt to taste, mix well, add 3 cups of water, cover the pressure cooker and allow 2 whistles, then simmer and cook for a min. 

✒ Remember dal should be tender, but not soupy. Our dal consistency should be semi liquid and not dry. Add little water after pressure cooking, if required.

☑ Roll and fry pakwan

✒ Take out dough from refrigerator, apply cooking oil, and beat the dough couple of times. Get hold of a dough mixture of small ball, make a ball and roll like chappati. Prick lightly all over with a fork. 

✒ Heat oil in deep frying pan, fry them over medium heat on both the sides till they turn out crispy and golden in color. Drain and place on an absorbent paper. 

✒ Serve hot with dal, finely chopped onions and green tamarind chutney.

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  1. Whatever you make, it looks delicious and yummy!! Really the way you present the recipe inspiring me a lot Deepa !!



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