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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Milu's Fresh Cream Sandwich..

How to prepare Fresh Cream Sandwich | Malai Sandwich | Milu's Fresh Cream Sandwich | Easy recipe of Sandwich

This Fresh Cream Sandwich, I don't know when it got invented in my house, but I seen my mom making this sandwich for dad, when I was school going kid.

Then, I started making this, my best friend also enjoyed this a lot, and now its like when ever i make, it reminds me of her, so I had decided to give my friend's name to this sandwich..

It is very easy and tasty sandwich, and comes under fast to cook, good to eat recipe.


✔2-3 tbsp Fresh Milk cream 
✔3tsp Sugar 
✔6-8 Bread slices
✔Ghee or butter 


▶For thick fresh milk cream, boil milk. Cool down and refrigerate for six to seven hours.

◾Mix sugar and fresh milk cream in bowl and keep aside.

◾Take bread slice spread fresh milk cream and sugar mixture and keep  another bread slice on top of it.

◾Now Apply very little butter on top of slice and roast both sides on non stick (or normal tava) on cooking gas stove for 3-5 minutes till light golden color. Roast both the sides, your fresh cream sandwich is ready to serve. 

You can enjoy this with milk, tea or coffee as it is very tasty and delicious. Enjoy the flavor of fresh cream.

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( Update : Recipe images replaced with new images as earlier clicked from mobile handset 01.11.2014)

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  1. Excellent recepie. Best for kids who enjoy sweet food. Very healthy and also quick to make. Thanks for sharing this recepie.



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