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Friday, February 07, 2014

Moong Dal Bread

I am back with another yummy combination of cooked creamy yellow moong dal and bread.

You can have this with bread or pav, but I am showing recipe with pav.

This is more like chaat item, normally tamarind jaggery chutney goes with this, but for this recipe, I am using tomato ketchup.


✔Creamy yellow moong dal - cooked

✔1tbsp Butter

✔4 Bread slices or pav

✔Tamarind Jaggery chutney or tomato ketchup

✔2 Boiled potatoes 

(You can add potatoes - sliced one or mashed and spiced potatoes like we make that stuffing for sandwich or aloo paratha, add which you like the most)

✔1 Onion chopped

✔Aloo Bhujia or any Sev, available in house


Cooking of split moong dal. Please refer this recipe:

Roasting of bread slices and spreading dal, chutney and garnishing

◾Cut the pav in two halves

◾Take Fry pan, Put butter and roast from both the sides.

◾Don't make it crispy, we want slightly roasted pav or bread slices.

◾Now remove in plate, first keep boiled, sliced potatoes, sprinkle salt and pepper or sandwich masala, then spread dal, then both chutneys and chopped onions and sprinkle sev over the top.

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