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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Steamed Colostrum Milk Recipe (Kalvdans, Kharwas, Cheek, Pis, Posu, Ginnu, Junnu)

This popular Dessert is made from the Colostrum rich Milk produced by Cows who have just calved. The thick Milk produced by these on the first three days is used for making this dessert.

Kalvdans is Swedish name of this dish which means "Dance of Calf". 

'Kharwas' is the Marathi name of a sweet steamed pudding made out of milk given by a cow or buffalo within a day after she has calved. 

Cheek (in Hindi), Pis (in Sindhi), Ginnu (in Kannada), Posh (in Konkani), Junnu (in Telugu), Seem Paal (in Tamil) and Bari (in Gujarati). 

Also refer new recipe of Kharwas (cheek/ colostrum pudding using only five ingredients.)

In the English countryside, colostrum is called "beestings" and is used in a variety of custard and pudding dishes. It can be substituted for eggs because when used, it will cause the puddings to "set."

Bovine Colostrum is considered good for health, it is also used for boosting the immune system, healing injuries, repairing nervous system damage, improving mood and sense of well being, slowing and reversing aging, and as an agent for killing bacteria and fungus.

◾1 ltr - cheek ka dudh
(Bovine Colostrum milk)  
◾50-60 ml Water (Optional)
◾200- 250 gm Sugar Powdered
◾5-6 Green cardamom 
◾ pinch of Nutmeg

◾Cooking Time For Steam
30-35 min

◾Preparation time 5-10 minutes

Step 1: Roast cardamom and  grind sugar and cardamom together

◾Sugar and green cardamom we can grind them together and make them powdered. (Roast cardamom before grinding)

Step 2 : Mix colostrum milk and sugar

◾Add powdered sugar in colostrum milk, keep stirring till dissolved fully, in this add half cup of water. (If you are using first day milk, then water needs to be added as else it turn out very hard).If using second or third day milk, then water is not required. Some People add one cup of milk in first day colostrum milk.

◾Add nutmeg powder, mix well.

Step 3 : Steam Time
◾Pour into a deep Dish and steam for 30-35 minutes till well set.

(If steam work is done on rice cooker then it  will take 35-40 minutes)

Best way to check - ◾when colostrum milk is properly cooked, you will see water starts floating on the surface)

Step 4: cool down and refrigerate for 20-25 minutes
◾Allow to cool to room temperature and then chill in a 'Fridge.

◾Un-mold in a serving dish and cut into squares. Serve cold as a Dessert.

The above process is traditional way of making cheek, but just to make it more innovative and creative I tried the cheek making process in silicone mold, it turned out great, and everyone appreciated new and modern look of this..

The first image uploaded in this blog posting is plain Colostrum milk pudding (without cardamom and nutmeg powder)

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