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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moong Stir Fry (Moong Prasadam)

Green gram also known as moong, mung bean is Nutritional powerhouse and one of the best food to have in the breakfast. Mung bean is considered as best food to detoxify our body and help us to get rid of chronic illness.

This is my third posting of green gram. My earlier moong posting are: 

 Whole Green Moong Daal

This recipe is very simple, healthy, tasty, good for health conscious people who want to eat good food and look best - slim and fit and my this recipe is also coming under fast to cook, good to eat recipe as it gets cooked within 5 minutes.

Required (For one serving)

✒50-60 gms moong bean (soaked overnight)
✒1tsp mustard seeds
✒6-7 curry leaves
✒1 green chilly 
✒Small piece ginger finely chopped.

✒2tsp cooking oil

Dry Ingredients

✒1tsp turmeric powder
✒1tsp red chilly powder
✒Salt to taste


Step 1 : Soaking overnight

◾Wash and then soak moong bean overnight in sufficient water or soak them for at least five-six hours, and I use lock and lock container for soaking moong beans, do try lock and lock or any air tight container it will give you best result, as if moong bean are not soaked properly then it result in increase in cooking time.

Step 2: Wash moong 

◾In morning, wash moong bean under running water tap with help of colander, drain off the excess water and keep aside.

Step 3: Cooking Time 

Cooking will be done in the pressure cooker

◾Heat oil in pressure cooker, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger pieces and green chilies.

◾When mustard start popping, add moong beans, sauté for one minute.

◾Then add all dry ingredients and one cup water, mix well, cover with cooker lid and allow to pressure cook up to 2 whistles, then slow the flame and cook for 1-2 minutes. Switch off the gas stove. Open the cooker, Serve hot.

✒This  moong you can also use for making moong paratha, just before making sprinkle lemon juice or dry mango powder.

Recipe for Sprouted Moong
Their is another variation to this recipe, when we use sprouted moong, then in that case cooking is not done in pressure cooker, but moong are stir fried in frying pan and pressure cooking is avoided so as to retain the crunchiness in moong.

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