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Monday, June 09, 2014

Instant Butter Paneer Masala

How to prepare Instant Paneer Masala

My today's recipe of paneer is very easy, delicious and come under fast to cook,  good to eat recipes as i am going to add dry instant butter masala powder, which is easily available in super markets and malls. 

You will surely love this recipe and more so it taste like restaurant food.

The best quality of good cook is keep experimenting all available options, I will very soon share my recipe of butter paneer masala , as that is not only yummy but very rich in taste as things we add like cream, cashew nuts and butter, (surely not for calorie conscious people),  So this instant butter paneer masala works best, as tasty, instant and best alternative.

This recipe works best when we need to cook food in short notice or when you want to eat tasty food cooked within few minutes and at the same time give you satisfaction of restaurant food..

My recipe is completely different from what is mentioned in pack, as this combination actually works and give best results.


For making instant paneer masala we need only five things

⚫50 gms  Butter paneer masala 
( I am using Parampara)

 ⚫250 gms Paneer 

⚫200 ml Milk     

⚫10 gms Butter

 ⚫1tsp Red chilly powder.

How to make Paneer

Refer this: 

Step 1: Mise en place

✔Whisk 50 gms paneer butter masala powder (pack) with 200 ml milk, or for instant result blend paneer masala and milk in blender or mixer grinder to make smooth dropping consistency paste.

Step 2: Cooking Time

◾Add butter in your cooking pan. 

◾When butter melts, sauté paneer pieces on slow to medium heat for 2-3 minutes, don't give color to paneer. Then add red chilly powder and sauté again for 30 seconds.


◾Now add above paste, mix well, cook for 5-7 minutes on medium heat, till the gravy becomes thick.


◾Serve hot with naan or chapatti.

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