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Monday, August 04, 2014

Schezwan Butter Masala Dosa

How to prepare Schezwan Butter Masala Dosa

Schezwan Butter Masala dosa is fusion recipe of masala dosa.  

Schezwan Butter Masala Dosa is prepared from all home prepared food items that is Dosa batter, potato masala and even schezwan sauce.

Needed (for one serving)

⚫30 ml Dosa batter 
⚫1tbsp Schezwan Sauce
⚫1tbsp finely chopped capsicum
⚫5-10 gm butter
⚫10 gm grated paneer


◾Heat a non stick pan, pour a ladle of batter, spread into a round shape by using the back of the ladle. (Keep gas stove on slow fire)

◾Add butter on the sides and on the surface of dosa.

◾ Place 1tbsp schezwan sauce in the centre spread with help of spatula.

◾Top up with 2 tbsp potato masala filling in the centre, then spread with spatula.

◾Add grated paneer and finely chopped capsicum.

◾Raise the gas stove flame for a few seconds, (5-7) to impart color to base, fold the sides of the dosa so as to make a roll.

◾Schezwan Butter Masala Dosa is ready to be served. Transfer to a serving plate, cut into slices, Serve hot with chutney and sambar of your selection.

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