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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Papaya Honey Smoothie

How to prepare Papaya Honey Smoothie

Papaya Honey Smoothie is super fast, very easy to make and healthy smoothie recipe with goodness of ripe papaya & honey.

Papaya is excellent food for glowing skin, hair and eyes and digestive system.  Papayas are rich in antioxidants, high in vitamin C, and a good source of vitamins A, E and K.

I make this smoothie with milk as well as without milk. I am sharing recipes of both. My personal favorite is without milk.


Category: Vegetarian
Course: Beverage
Cuisine: Indian
Technique: Blending
Difficulty:   Very Easy
Serving:  1
Preparation Time is  2-3 minutes
Cooking Time is  nil 

Recipe without milk
150 gms Papaya
✒1-2 tbsp Sugar or Honey
✒2-3 ice cubes


◾Peel, cut in half, de-seed and then chop the papaya in dices.

◾ Combine the papaya, ice cubes, honey. Blend and puree the mixture for 15-20 seconds or until smooth.

◾Pour into a glass. Serve it immediately.

Image of Papaya Honey Smoothie with milk.

(Recipe: For making Papaya Honey Milk Smoothie add 100 ml milk, other ingredients and method is same.)



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