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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kamal kakdi Pakoda | Bhee pakoda | Lotus Root Stem Fritters

How to make Kamal kakdi Pakoda (Bhee Pakoda / Lotus root Fritters?

My today's recipe is Fritters made from lotus root stem. Lotus root stem, bheeh, bhea, bhee, bean of India or kamal kakdi is used in Kashmiri, Sindhi and Punjabi cuisines. 

This recipe is little bit modified by me, as in today's recipe plan of action will be first - boil lotus root stems then saute them by adding all dry Indian spices and then deep frying in chickpeas flour.(besan)

My mom never saute lotus root stems after boiling, she just sprinkle all dry ingredients, but i always find them bland in taste, as the dry masala don't gets inside the kamal kakdi, so to enhance taste of bhee pakoda i am adding one more step to this recipe. 


☀For sauteing Kamal Kakdi 

✔150 gms kamal kakdi
✔3 tsp Amchur powder
✔2 tsp red chilly powder
✔½ tsp turmeric powder
✔2tsp cooking oil
✔Salt to taste

For Pakoda Batter

✔150 gms Besan
✔2-3 tsp corn flour
✔½ tsp Ajwain (Carom seeds)
✔1 tsp Red chili powder
✔Pinch of baking soda
✔Salt to taste
✔50-60 ml Water
✔2 no. Green chilies (finely chopped)
✔350 ml cooking oil for deep frying.


Step 1: Clean and chop kamal kakdi

◾Wash and clean the lotus stems, peel the brown skin and cut into thin slices, keep in water to avoid discoloration.

Step 2: Boil kamal Kakdi

◾Add the lotus roots, salt and one glass of water and cover the cooker. Cook under pressure till the pressure is released two to three whistles. (Depend on quality of lotus root, you get the clear idea when scrubbing and slicing the lotus root). 

Step 3: Saute Kamal Kakdi 

(Take 3-5 minutes, purpose is all dry ingredients gets nicely coated).

◾Take 1tbsp oil in pan, saute lotus roots on slow to medium flame for 3-5 minutes, stirring continuously. 

Add above mentioned dry ingredients, toss it well. Remove in platter, Keep aside.

Step 4 ; Make chutney of your choice

About chuntey served with kamal kakdi pakoda

Step 5 : Make batter for Frying

◾Take besan in that add corn flour, ajwain, green chilies, baking soda, red chilly powder and salt to taste, beat the chickpeas (besan) with some water remove lumps if any and make smooth and medium thick consistency batter.

(Gets coated nicely at the time of frying)

Important point related to adding chillies

{ I always chop green chillies with scissor and add green chilies lastly when batter is prepared, as adding them at the initial stage, give lot of burning sensation to my hand and that last for 4-5 hours. Add chillies according, as suits you, if you are facing problem similar to me, don't add chillies in beginning but add afterwards, and use scissor for chopping green chilies.}

Step 6: Cooking Time - Deep Fry

◾Take a deep frying pan and pour oil. Let the oil heat for a while and when you feel the oil is hot enough........ Dip the kamal kakdi slices into the batter (one by one) and deep fry on medium heat. (In one round fry 8-10 pakodas)

◾As soon as the kamal kakdi slices are golden yellow in colour, take those out in plate, keep tissue paper to drain excess oil. 

Serve hot with tomato ketchup or chutney of your choice. Serve immediately.

Update on this recipe:

Even following satueeing method I still found kamal kakdi bland in taste, so another change which I want to follow when I will prepare kamal kakdi pokada next time is that I will add 1tbsp tamarind pulp when sauteeing  kamal kakdi..

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